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Marks Lactation Support aims to empower parents in San Diego to feed their baby their way, with up-to-date information, personalized goal-setting, and supportive strategies. We proudly support the military community. 

Support Groups

Support Groups are highly recommended, no matter what challenges your family is meeting, in breastfeeding. Every hospital conglomerate in San Diego offers several groups that are open to all. 


This content was confirmed as of **7/18/2019** Schedules change, so please check the point of contact sited on the website linked, before traveling to a group.  Be especially aware of Holidays. This list is by no means complete, so please contact me if you have additions. 

Community-based Meetings: 

"Warm" lines for telephone support:

LLLi (858) 848-MILK (6455)

NMCSD MILC  619-532-5261

Perinatal Mood Changes


Scripps Ranch 10-1130

The Birth Educator Center


Vista 11-1200

Babies In Bloom


La Mesa 1130-1300 and  

1730-1900 2nd Wednesday

San Diego Breastfeeding Center 

Carmel Valley 1200

"Real Space" Parenting

Mamas and Milk


North Park 12-1330 

Night and Day San Diego

South Park 1230-1400

Baby Garten Studio

Pt Loma near MCRD 11-1200 

Best Start Birth Center


Vista 11-1200

Babies in Bloom


Carmel Valley 1145-1315

Mamas and Milk

Normal Heights 0930-1100

Wild Island Collective 


Mission Valley 

Breastfeeding Fixers

7 days a week

New Beginnings Boutique

LLLi has several monthly groups 

Disclaimer: Breastfeeding Support Groups facilitated by Marks Lactation Support is 

 Parent-to-Parent support, specific to lactating parents and their infant(s).  A scale is available for participant’s use. It is participant’s choice to record information on the group sign-in.  Conversation regarding all things breastfeeding and parenting is shared, in confidence, and it is expected that participants respect each other’s confidentiality.  Although Facilitator will apply their knowledge of breastfeeding when speaking with participants, these interactions cannot replace Lactation Consultations, and, as such, advice gained through the support group activity should not be relied upon other than as general advice. Each parent and child clients have their own idiosyncratic

issues which can only be truly tailored to each client group through one on one Lactation Consultations.